Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Multy Gemstone Bracelets

This is my bracelet. the material is from China crystal , silver sterling 925 plated . I wear it few times. when I am hanging out with friends. It is nice because of many colour that we can easily match it with our clothes.
For my opinion. this is a charming bracelets. not so big but seems simple and nice. I also sell it at my on line store. 

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Rose Flower Petal Tea

Do you know this rose tea ? It is the most nice rose tea , it have lots of benefits and good smell when you drink it.  I browse on the Chinese food website and found it. It said that
Roses are rich in vitamins a, c, b, e, k, and tannic acid can improve endocrine disorders, also has helped to eliminate fatigue and wound stasis. Regulating Qi and blood, regulating women's physiological problems, promote blood circulation, beauty, regulates menstruation, diuretic, easing stomach nerve, anti wrinkle, preventing frostbite.
It is very easy on serving. just add 5 or 7 buds and after the water is boiling. just put it like we make tea . After few times. about few minutes.. it is ready to serve.
For me , after I drink it for one weeks.. I feel that my skin become more smooth. eyes become good and not quickly tired when I look at computer.
You can have a try.. and share it to all person too.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Budhist Peace Beautiful Song

Tonight I log in my blogger account and found , this blog is too long time no new post, so I decided to post a Buddhist song in it...  I like to hear this song , the voice is very nice. clear and beautiful views , but the most important is this Buddhist song can make our feeling much better when hear it. So I try to share it with all of you...

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Great Nice Bridge

Have you seen the picture beside this ? How about you say ? For me.. I said. it is a beauty bridge . I took this few years ago when I was travelling to Malaysia , Kuala Lumpur.
But I was forget. until this evening I open again my travelling pictures at my laptop , and I found it.
So I think it is great too if sharing in this post.