Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Ceramic Rose Beads Bracelets

How do you think of this bracelets ? It is  made from ceramic . Nowadays lot of ceramic beads sell at China . The first time I saw this bracelets , I think it is very nice . I imagine if some lady wear this bracelets and one red stone necklace , it is very suitable.
And after that I upload the picture at my online store and try to sell it. Now , I buy lots of this beads and try to make it my self. This is very easy job... no need difficult on knitting and looks simple. 
I love my job . because it is about jewelry and as a woman , I like jewelry very much . Cheap and expensive jewelry, all I like , but most of cheap one more easy to sell it.
That's why I always browsing on good shape , material and nice pattern but not too expensive. 

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