Friday, 5 June 2009

How much you know about Tomato ?

The English word tomato is comes from the Spanish ( tomat ). So have you ever think that tomato a fruit or a vegetable?. All Tomato family are called hermaphroditic, whenever the cultivated tomato is self prolific and in-compatible with other members of this species. By the Aztecs this tomato was called “xitomatl” , and Central America tribe called it “Tomati”. . The Aztec culture mention dishes made of peppers, tomatoes and salt.
The chemical ethylene causes the tomatoes to grow and is produced by the tomato as the seeds increase near finale. This tomatoes are cholesterol free. Studies show that eating cooked tomatoes reduces the possibility of cholesterol connected heart problems and some cancers. If we cooking tomatoes , it will releases the lycopene from the skin of the tomato. It contain a lot of vitamin A and C.

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